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Duck Pond Home

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Welcome to the Duck Pond!




Want to be in the "know" of Mrs. Menge's class? 

Simply text @jeps to 714-702-1827and receive occasional texts about upcoming tests, quizzes, and projects! Or simply click here! 






Mrs. Menge is available LIVE for homework help daily!



Simply click here for help! 

How to LOG IN to your Google Drive (Classroom too!)


1.  Open www.google.com

2. On the right hand corner should be a BLUE "sign in" button (unless someone is logged in, log them out!)

3. Sign in using your OJUSD email/user name

4. Type in your NEW password.

6. DO NOT set up a Google Plus Account! SKIP THAT STEP!

5. Open a NEW TAB.

6. Type in classroom.google.com








Use this code to order! DXHVW


 Welcome to Mrs. Menge’s Language Arts Wiki!


This year will be an exciting and rewarding year for your seventh grade student both                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                academicallyand                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                socially. I will do my best to help ensure that your child transitions smoothly into junior high school. With the combined efforts of student, parents/guardians,and teachers, we should have a successful and productive year!


 Your child will be in my classroom for two periods each day so that we are provided enough time for a thorough education in language arts. This course will include English, literature, writing, and speech, as well as other areas related to English.

 Homework is basically on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays, although your student may need to study for tests on any given day of the week. A binder with dividers is essential in helping your child stay prepared and organized. White binder paper, pencils or pens with dark blue or black ink, and erasers are also essential.

Our school policy is that we do not accept late work, so it is crucial that your student has his or her work handed in on time. In case of an absence, your student is allowed two days for every one day absent to make up the work.

If you have any concerns throughout the year feel free to call me at OJHS (847-2294), or e-mail me (dmenge@ojusd.org). I will be happy to discuss any issues with you regarding your student. My goal is to give your student an excellent education in a positive and accepting environment. I am looking forward to a great year.






Mrs. Menge




Important Things to Know About This Wiki



  1. This wiki is semi-public, meaning that the general public can read, but not edit, any entry. Therefore, do not put anything on this wiki that you would not be comfortable with the general public seeing.
  2. Anyone with the wiki password can edit any entry on this wiki -- in other words, any of Mrs. Menge's current students, along with Mrs. Menge. However, the "History" section of each page not only shows who has edited which entry, but allows earlier versions to be restored. Any malicious editing, therefore, is not in your best interest as it will be quickly discovered, with immediate consequences.
  3. This wiki is not hosted through Oakdale's servers. It may be available at times when Oakdale's services are down; the opposite may also occur. Plan for technology to fail at inconvenient times, and you will always be ahead of the game.




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